Sunday, 28 June 2015

On creating

I have been asked many times and for that manner many of you might have faced this before these questions "why do you do things from scratch." "Why bother when it is already done." "You should do things which are more abstract if the base is already done."

The problem with this is if a person has the qualities of questioning, reasoning and a childlike curiosity it becomes extremely hard to explain why they do it. For me it is the sense of satisfaction and happiness that I get when I understand what is it that made it work or the core principles behind it. There is also the feeling of guilt that I am not sure what I am standing on.

You get a sense of power knowing the finer details and the core principles behind it. You will be able to appreciate the cleverness of how and why it was done. You get more ideas of how it could be done. One of the pleasures that I have is re-deriving basic mathematics principles, things which I had skipped knowing that it holds true. You feel like you are in that mathematician's shoes in an adventure to prove that proof or derive that equation.

I will end this with a beautiful quote of my favorite physicist Dr.Richard Feynman which was scribbled on his blackboard at Caltech.

What I cannot create, I do not understand.
Know how to solve every problem that has been solved.


  1. I agree with your views. I stumble upon your blog googling entropymind which is the title of my blog. Can I query into why you chose this username. It seems like you're interested in a lot of things I am currently working on. I haven't started using ARM chips but have been using 8 bit controllers like Atmel's atmega328p and TI's msp.

  2. Cong Do,

    Sorry for not replying earlier. Was caught up with some personal emergency.
    It is just that nature tends towards entropy and similarly my mind. This entropy provides new ideas like a dice thrown. Hence mindentropy.

    I have done quite a bit of work on the TI MSP430 16 bit microcontrollers and the STM ARM Cortex-M line 32 bit microcontrollers.

    Inspired by baremetal firmware on the microcontrollers presently I am developing baremetal firmware and development kit for the ARM MPU a ARM920T processor for the Samsung S3C2440. This is mostly for my understanding and skill development and also for realizing a higher goal of creating a baremetal light OS and utilizing the computing power of these ARM devices without the overhead of a full blown complete OS.