Friday, 8 July 2016

Running bootchart in Android Marshmallow

For the Wandboard that I was customizing I wanted to know the process statistics, processor usage and IO usage to speed up my boot up time. I decided it was time to run bootchart.

There is quite a bit of outdated Internet resources on how to use bootchart for Android. I decided to write one:

First enable bootchart by doing a adb shell "echo 120 > /data/bootchart/start". This would tell the init to start bootcharting for 2 minutes. After this you get a set of files in the /data/bootchart directory. The files are generally as follows:


Next run the shell program in system/core/init which will use the measurement files above into a visual file either .png, .swf which shows the different processes hogging the CPU and which processes take a long time to init. Before we conclude a boot chart below of my wandboard custom build (Click for a larger image or download it to zoom in).

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