Friday, 16 March 2018

Solving "No Partitions Present" When Installing Xubuntu/Kubuntu/Ubuntu

When I was installing Xubuntu using DVD or USB stick I was faced with the problem of finding no partitions showing in the partitioning screen. I only see a complete /dev/sdX with no partitions present.

After installing 14.04, 16.10 and 17.10 and spending a lot of time very late at night I finally found after researching that the disk has RAID metadata which seems to confuse the partitioning software. To fix this I did the following:

sudo dmraid -rE /dev/sdX

Here -r means raid and -E erase metadata. In combination it will remove the old metadata. Do this in the "Try Xubuntu" by opening a console. If the package is not found install using apt.

I had also tried GPT fixing before using FixParts but the program said my partitions were okay. So to make you aware it would not be the GPT but the software RAID that might be causing the problem.



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